The Shape of Work

#46: Kristian Kalle on how to run an effective online recruitment process

July 29, 2021 Springworks Season 1 Episode 46
The Shape of Work
#46: Kristian Kalle on how to run an effective online recruitment process
Show Notes

In this episode, we welcome Kristian Kalle, CEO and Founder of VideoCV, a screening and assessment tool for recruitment.

Kristian provides the know-how to run an online recruitment process, post-hire challenges, and culture. He also gives us insights into the changes that occurred in the recruitment process because of the pandemic. 

Kristian also shares what led him to create VideoCV and how they are trying to make the online recruitment process efficient and cost-effective with the help of great insights.

What is VideoCV and how does it help in improving recruitment?

In one line, VideoCV is a talent screening automation tool.
It's a recruitment tool to understand your candidates better and more before you call them for an interview. And before you invest your time into them, you receive the extra benefit of understanding them through their personalities, and not through papers. This is what they offer to their clients and they foresee a big change in the recruitment industry through this tool.

What changes have you noticed when it comes to recruitment during the pandemic?

Kristian explains that one of the biggest changes the pandemic brought in the industry was remote work. While opening up a huge potential for employers,  it is changing the work culture. Many organizations are struggling to imbibe a clearly defined culture. For example, In Estonia, bigger companies are reducing their office space.
The pandemic has made companies adapt to remote work. Leaders and managers can measure if the employees performed on the same level working remotely as they would while working in the office. Although earlier employers were skeptical to examine this before the pandemic, they are doing it now.

Personality-based recruitment:

Kristian shares that the average period an employee is likely to stay in the company is not more than two or three years.

Currently, the recruitment process has been shaped towards being more personality-based rather than data-based. People spend 8 to 9 hours at the workplace. They communicate with co-workers, managers and even co-founders. They need to have a culture or an environment where they can put their opinions forward and be heard.

This concludes that organizations should not screen candidates based on their CVs. There’s more to a candidate than education, hard skills and experience. Today, the key is to be able to predict hiring success to make the right hiring decisions.

A personality assessment beats the traditional methods of gathering information and provides recruiters with objective insights that significantly improve candidate selection.

| Skills can be taught. But, personality is something that stays the same.

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Produced by: Priya Bhatt
Podcast host: Junius Dsilva

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