The Shape of Work

#192: Bofin Babu on how leaders should enhance employee experience and learning in 2022

February 04, 2022 Springworks Season 1 Episode 192
The Shape of Work
#192: Bofin Babu on how leaders should enhance employee experience and learning in 2022
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Our next guest is Bofin Babu, Vice President of AI at CloudSEK- an AI-powered digital risk Monitoring platform that provides real-time visibility of cyber threats and actionable Intel.

In this episode, Bofin shares an exciting story from his career and the great lessons, hacks, and best practices he picked up along the way.

Bofin started his internship as a developer at NVIDIA for 6 months. His time there made him realize that the number of deep learners in India is less compared to the USA. That’s when he spoke to Rahul Sasi, founder of CloudSEK, and a very well-known ethical hacker. Both of them built the company together. Bofin made the first team hire, designed, & built ML tech. He has now spent five-plus years at CloudSEK and has held positions such as Sr. Data scientist and Machine Learning Lead, and Head of Machine Learning.

Episode Highlights:

How should leaders prepare for 2022?

Communication is the key to a smooth functioning organization. Bofin recommends conducting 1v1 meetings with the team members to get an idea of the work done, progress, and challenges faced. Leaders should be empathetic towards their team members. They need to be non-judgmental and communicate clearly in order to succeed.

What is CloudSEK doing differently to enhance the employee experience for the workforce?

CloudSEK personalizes every candidate, may it be onboarding a candidate or rejecting. They send a personalized message explaining why candidates weren't hired so as to help them for their future.

What are some of the significant shifts in workplace learning since the pandemic? 

Pre-pandemic one could learn a lot from their colleagues through group discussions and group meetings that happen within the office. However, it is now unavailable. 

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(Cont.) #192: Bofin Babu on how leaders should enhance employee experience and learning in 2022