The Shape of Work

#24: Joey Price on what employees really want at work

June 11, 2021 Springworks Season 1 Episode 24
The Shape of Work
#24: Joey Price on what employees really want at work
Show Notes

In this episode, Springworks' Head of Marketing, Abhash Kumar talks to Joey Price, CEO of Jumpstart: HR, LLC - a managed HR Services company that was recently highlighted by as one of “7 Startups Making Life Easier for Small Business Owners. As the CEO,  Joey innovates by creating HR solutions for small business owners and start-up founders who want to build better, more competitive businesses.

Joey is an award-winning Human resources executive, business coach, thought leader, and professor.

He also hosts Business, Life, and Coffee a podcast focused on personal development for busy professionals where he shares carefully curated conversations on personal finance, psychology, professional development, and business for emerging professionals and business owners alike.


The inspiration behind Jumpstart:HR:

Jumpstart:HR offers HR Project Management Leadership to small businesses, startups, and the Federal Government. They shape the company’s HR, work culture, integrate technology, and more. The main aim of the company is to create a positive environment in a workspace. People should be happy at work. It is a matter of leading people towards positive success.

The company focuses on providing HR solutions to small businesses that want to build better and sustainable solutions for the company. When the US was in the middle of a recession, Joey realized that companies wanted more results with fewer investments. That’s when he realized that these companies needed expertise from outside sources. Joey explains how all companies should consider outsourcing HR like they do in marketing or any other field. Another observation Joey made then was the advancement of technology. Nobody was required to be in the same place to work. An employee can address their boss while living in a different city. This is how the idea of Jumpstart:HR grew and came to action.

Similarities between HR and Marketing:

Joey talks about the common practices that can be observed in every organization. First, they highly focus on their brand culture. The brand culture is highly consistent for all the employees from every department. And the reason behind it being so successful is that these companies invest in their employees. And it should be ensured that HR understands what kind of investments do people want. That is the same question that marketing people ask. They ask and search for the features and benefits of the products, and what will people respond to the most. They ensure that these products will drive an emotional attachment among people. Brands like Uber, Google, Lyft, Apple have become household names now. They have managed to create emotional attachment. The way to achieve it is not by manipulation, but out of inspiration, by creating an emotional attachment.

Recurring challenges Joey’s guests have talked about in his podcast:

One of them is to figure out how to navigate work in the likes of social justice. Worldly issues do have an impact on the employees’ emotional response. They are triggered and, as a leader, one to manage it constructively. They need to observe what is happening outside and to your business.

Thoughts about companies going permanently remote:

Talking about going permanently remote presents its own unique challenge to People Leaders. They have to be thoughtful about the entire process before and after it is executed. They need to figure out its trial period, a way to convey the message behind it to the employees, making it successful, the work strategy, and others. 

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Produced by: Priya Bhatt
Podcast host: Abhash Kumar