The Shape of Work

#32: Vikas Dua on lessons in leadership, employee engagement, well-being and motivation

July 12, 2021 Springworks Season 1 Episode 32
The Shape of Work
#32: Vikas Dua on lessons in leadership, employee engagement, well-being and motivation
Show Notes

On this episode of The Shape of Work podcast, Springworks' Lokesh Gautam talks to Vikas Dua, Head of HR at IPG DXTRA. Vikas has also authored the 'HR IN MY HEART' book, which is a compilation of ‘Leadership Lessons’ presented in a unique manner by combining both prose and poetry.  

In the episode, Vikas brings his perspectives from more than 15 years of experience, and highlights the importance of employee engagement and tells us about a few programs he's initiated. 

Vikas believes no textbook can replace the on-ground experience and real-life learning for professional development. Covering these areas, he jumps to the importance of employee well-being and how it helps in employee retention. Last but not the least, you will learn about the importance of a good workplace culture and ensuring diversity in your workplace.

Digital transformation and employee engagement in the HR function:

Vikas talks about the importance of Digital transformation that occurred over the years. He has been a fan of digital elements since he was a student. And seeing this technology merging with the once distant field, HR, brought him immense happiness. The HR field has gone through a massive transformation both in terms of tech and tasks. Vikas has made a significant contribution towards the digital transformation of the HR field by encouraging employee engagement.

Vikas is a strong supporter of employee engagement. He talks about the employee satisfaction survey happening in the organization. Many companies create a three-month plan to create growth areas according to these surveys. However, Vikas says that a three-month plan is actually very less. He explains the method a company he mentors uses. They keep a check on employee sentiment through chatbots daily.

Thoughts about people organization and remote working:

The first and foremost change that Vikas talks about is the kindness of the organizations. In the past 14 months, these organizations have been extremely supportive and helpful towards the employees. They organized task forces, offered financial assistance, and kept a check on their employees. He is a strong proponent of mental wellness and calls it the “key pillars of the organization.” In addition, he also talks about how companies organized the entire remote work setting within 24 hours of announcing the lockdown. Thus remote work is totally possible and here to stay.

How to build diversity in an organization?

As Vikas says, inclusion and diversity go hand in hand. It is a significant factor for the growth of the company and India has been encouraging and welcoming this concept currently. In order to ensure diversity, companies need to be transparent and collaborative. They should be included in events such that they can interact with others from different backgrounds. Most importantly, all of them should be treated fairly.

Should a startup invest in HR:

Vikas says every startup should invest in Human Resources by the time they are a 50-75 people organization. The HR person might not be the HR head but at least someone who's at a mid-level position. He should be able to understand the nuances of the different dimensions of HR, recruitment and onboarding, talent management, engagement, or so on. Thus a basic framework of the entire startup is created.

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Produced by: Priya Bhatt
Podcast host: Lokesh Gautam