The Shape of Work

#52: Mansi Rana on emotional intelligence, and celebrating accomplishments at the workplace

August 03, 2021 Springworks Season 1 Episode 52
The Shape of Work
#52: Mansi Rana on emotional intelligence, and celebrating accomplishments at the workplace
Show Notes

With over 15 years of experience in Digital Marketing, our guest, Mansi Rana, Managing Director at EZ Ranking IT Services, shares her career journey in this episode of The Shape of Work podcast. From working at multiple marketing and consulting firms to running her own, Mansi provides a variety of insights on understanding organizational goals, and best practices to review candidate applications.

She highlights the importance of emotional intelligence and its role in building her own business. A strong believer of treating employees like customers, Mansi shares that she never misses a chance to celebrate every accomplishment at the workplace, be it big or small.


Ensuring clarity in organizational goals:

People managers, investors, owners, and every employee of a company should be on the same page. They should question themselves about the reason behind being there and the factors that make them different. This will help them identify the purpose/ goal of the organization.

However, Mansi also mentions that company goals keep changing regularly. It is important to reiterate those goals and equally celebrate the path to achieve those goals. This ensures a 360-degree learning curve for everyone in the organization, from the executive to the CEO. This process will inspire the entire organization to do even better.

What to look for in candidates while hiring?

Before reaching out to candidates, it is important to understand and be on the same page as the organization in terms of its value.

Once the people managers understand what the organization is striving for, they can set the predefined filters. It makes it easy for both the candidates and the company to relate to each other and work together.

Treating employees as customers:

According to Mansi, companies are already late in understanding this. Employees are equally crucial for a company as their clients are.

Mansi explains that the reason behind the success of her company is her employees. The company makes sure that they take clients and employees hand in hand. They need to be well-connected. She says that her people should always feel motivated and appreciated. A company cannot expect 100% inputs if the employees do not feel productive in their workplace.

That is where they emphasize the fact that EQ is important along with IQ.

The importance of active social media for companies:

Mansi talks about a study that says that ¾ of employees are hired through social media. Moreover, 84% of companies are actively using platforms like LinkedIn to identify the correct candidates. The active social media of the company acts as two-way communication.

The employees/clients can witness the culture of the organization. Social media is transparent and allows employees to analyze if their values match with that of the organization. Every organization needs to work on the social media handles to showcase who they are rather than being described by someone.

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Produced by:  Priya Bhatt
Podcast host: Yashwanth Jembige