The Shape of Work

#67: Angad Singh Manchanda shares actionable employer branding, marketing tips for HR pros

August 13, 2021 Springworks Season 1 Episode 67
The Shape of Work
#67: Angad Singh Manchanda shares actionable employer branding, marketing tips for HR pros
Show Notes

On this episode of The Shape of Work podcast, we have Angad Singh Manchanda, Chief Executive Officer of Chimp&z Inc, a digital marketing agency.

Having worked as an entrepreneur for the last eight years, he shares his journey from working at a digital marketing agency to running his own.

In addition to some actionable employer branding tips for HR professionals, he also covers:

  • How digitalisation has one-upped the HR
  • Chimp&z’s #PrideOfAdvertising campaign
  • Why entertaining content needs to be a part of any marketing strategy
  • The little things that make remote employees feel appreciated

Digitalization transforming the recruiting process:

In the past one and a half years, no company interviewed candidates face to face. They are paying less attention to their appearance or behavior. It was only possible due to the tech tools which are now used in every organization. Angad feels that this change was needed. This change was supposed to happen five years ago. Digitalization has helped improve the hiring process, review systems, and a lot more. It enabled people to conveniently work in the comfort of their homes without the hassle of traveling.

The significance of Diversity and Inclusion:

According to Angad, inclusion and diversity should come to an organization naturally. It should not be created through external means. The significance this concept is achieving was long pending too. People from all communities deserve acceptance at their workplace. Organizations need to let their people know that there are equal opportunities available for everyone. Angad feels that inclusion is beneficial not only from a cultural perspective but also from a business perspective. More diversity offers more profits and productivity as well. There are plenty of companies taking the initiative towards better diversity and inclusion.

A creative take on employer branding:

Angad feels that employer branding can be a more entertaining process. Employer branding has always been a serious conversation. Thus companies should try and adapt some fun and quirky ideas for the same purpose. Communicating easily and bringing a smile to the audience’s face is definitely a better option for the companies. Employees and companies have a complex relationship similar to B2C communication. A company needs to put itself in an employee’s position and then communicate. It allows for better understanding from both sides.

The progress that remote work has made in India:

According to Angad, working from home in India is too far to make a positive impact. However, the companies are achieving good progress. Companies need to be empathetic towards their employees. They are having a lot of trouble working from home too. Companies should focus on encouraging work-life balance. Thus work from home is a great idea, but India is still a few years behind to make it flawless. Apart from these minor issues, companies are evolving to adapt to these changes. Certain steps like 1v1 conversations with the employees, sessions with psychologists and doctors can be helpful. Work from home has given India the alignment that it needed.

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Produced by: Priya Bhatt
Podcast host: Yashwanth Jembige