The Shape of Work

#84: Tina Mansukhani Garg on leveraging employees' personal brand and social selling to attract top talent

August 23, 2021 Springworks Season 1 Episode 84
The Shape of Work
#84: Tina Mansukhani Garg on leveraging employees' personal brand and social selling to attract top talent
Show Notes

On this episode of The Shape of Work podcast, our guest is Tina Mansukhani, Founder & CEO of Pink Lemonade - an integrated marketing agency.

Having been in the marketing industry for more than two decades,  Tina is also a TEDx speaker and is passionate about helping women resume their career after a break.

We discuss with Tina:

  • Insights from her article ‘Founder's Dilemma: Planning for when your baby​ is an adult'
  • How chatbots can save brands a lot of time and money
  • Why employees creating their personal brand on social media channels like LinkedIn is beneficial to the company as a whole
  • Her internal communication strategy at Pink Lemonade
  • Social selling as one of the top-most strategies to attract top talent

Startup founders transitioning from one role to another:

As a startup, the founder as well as the employees are always hustling. They need to multitask and spend plenty of sleepless nights to get things done. The things founders do at an early stage of startups are very different from those in the later stage. These are the elements which create the base foundation of a startup and cannot be done when it has grown. 

An organization should be set up with systems and processes. They carry the skills and talents of individuals working with them. Thus they need to work on things in a more unique manner as the investment made on it is very important.

“You cannot be thinking what now, you got to be thinking what next.”

The significance of chatbots:

In your article about marketing trends you suggested Chatbots will turn human like and would save brands a lot of time and money by screening the customer’s queries before they’re sent to human staff, Do you think this would also ease the burden of employees handling customer’s queries and what are other ways through which a company can use marketing to reach to customers as well as be beneficial to employees?

Tina explains how people are interfacing with chatbots in plenty of areas- be it banking, food delivery services or online shopping services. So much of work can be done by automation. As a result, it cuts down the workforce, reduces time, and offers better customer service.

Employer branding through personal brand of employees:

Personal branding of employees can strongly drive the employer branding. People need to be able to project themselves in an elevated manner. They should be cognizant of the brand they present.

The first thing to keep in mind is emphasizing on the learning. If a person shares that learning with others, they become a thought leader. Hence, they should keep sharing their views and ideas. People connect through common views. As a result, it has chances to turn out fruitful. It is important to analyze how the persona will look outside. The organization needs to present you well. Around 70%-80% clients look up a profile on LinkedIn before approaching the person/company. Thus marketing and making connections are two very important aspects of creating a personal brand.

Having effective ways of brand communication:

Pink Lemonade follows several ways to ensure efficient brand communication. Some examples are email signatures, calendar invites, and videos. They run contests and polls over Whatsapp.

In addition, they have ambassadors for each of their teams. They carry the responsibility of delivering the informal communication to their teams.

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Produced by: Priya Bhatt
Podcast host: Yashwanth Jembige