The Shape of Work

#174: Nishchae Suri on building a continuous learning culture that drives business forward

January 08, 2022 Springworks Season 1 Episode 174
The Shape of Work
#174: Nishchae Suri on building a continuous learning culture that drives business forward
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Have you thought about your 'Learning health' - the collective ability of your organisation to outperform the competition?

On this episode of The Shape of Work podcast, Nishchae Suri, President- Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa at Edcast navigates us through the shifting sands of the Learning and Development ecosystem.
EdCast is an award-winning platform that offers a unified platform designed to operate end-to-end employee experience journeys spanning learning, skilling and career mobility.

In this episode, Nishchae goes deep on the theme of moving with greater agility to drive cultural change and creating a learner experience where individuals view work as an opportunity for self-discovery and growth.


Why learning should be viewed as a cultural obligation rather than a legal requirement

A learning culture is a set of organisational norms, attitudes, practices, and procedures that promote learning. Employees and organisations are encouraged to increase their knowledge and skills through these conventions.

How an L & D-focused culture improves employee retention and profitability

Fostering L & D encourages employee engagement, which boosts your retention rate. Employees require the opportunity to expand their expertise and advance in their careers. Employees feel fulfilled and thrive when they have the opportunity to learn new things regularly, which is easily visible in Edcast. The company has managed in bringing its employees together, adding variety to their experience increasing their engagement and creative output.

Relationship between the L & D and R & R functions
Yes, absolutely as stated by him, Employees who have successfully gained new skills and abilities should be acknowledged and recognised to keep them motivated and urge others to do the same. The combination of R&R and L&D is powerful because it produces a positive habit loop.

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Reading great literature is better than trying to read and understand...

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(Cont.) #174: Nishchae Suri on building a continuous learning culture that drives business forward